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The Ditch

He came to in a ditch. A deep ditch with nothing but the blue sky on top. He felt around. Solid earth. Perfectly made. No aberrations. “Hello?” He called out. “Hello” The only thing that answered was his echo. How did he get here? More importantly, who is he? He could make sense of his
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You don’t know Hari Xanto?

“Do you know of Hari Xanto?” An inexplicably bubbly woman with a smile as wide as her face directed the question to me. I should answer, I guess. “Who?” “Hari Xanto! You don’t know Hari Xanto?” “I guess not” “Well, my boy, you are missing out on knowing one of the most wonderful characters in
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The Man who saw Time

He closed his eyes with the last word of the letter. He could see time. Plain as the green fields of his village, Running in all directions as the streams of run-off water. He could move around in it. Run his hands through the bristles of possibilities that each strand of his action presented. He
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Journey to Old Earth

“Here we are, your highness. Sector 375 and over there is Old Earth”, said the pilot, “Why are we landing on this dump again?” “Just get us there”, the Queen said, “It’s something I have to do.” “Is it about the princess?” he asked. “Hmmm. Hopefully, this will cure her”, said the Queen, “How long ‘til we
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The Air seems Nice

The air seems nice today. Nice; like the doorman of this building. Nice fellow he was. A little black, I guess, but nice nonetheless. It blows into my eyes, this air, making them water. At this point, I might as well call it wind. Is it still called wind if we are going against the
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Hand to Heart

‘Okay, here I am. What have you cooked up now?’ ‘Rexcom-43, Mallori. It will solve all the problems we’ve ever had with their kind. No more wars, no more hatred, No more total annihilation’ ‘That’s a tall claim to make, Tchugari. We eventually fail at every iteration of this intelligence. The more free will they
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Thrab & I: A Lighthouse Story

Heights never really bothered me, being a tall guy myself. But hanging upside down from a lighthouse does induce a teensy bit of crap-my-pants fear. It wasn’t of my own volition, of course. I’m not that enthusiastic about adventure, even though I could use some as opposed to the drab of my village – “some”
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Black God

Black God This is a story about you, told by me. It waivers here and there but this is your story. Here you come now. You enter the library, radiant as the day you were born. I know that. You wore clothes considered inappropriate by half the population and blasphemous by the other half. Clothes
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Red, Orange, Green, Wet

The kid woke up early today. He never wakes this early. He rubbed his eyes, said a little prayer, began his day. Mother & Father are still sleeping, so are Brother & Sisters. The red blanket on them looks a little wet, it must’ve rained. The footpath under the bridge was too crowded last night,